WORD for the Year!


Every year for the last 8 years I have chosen a WORD for the year. This WORD is an intention and focus for me…kind of like New Year’s goals, except without goals! (Thank you, Kathleen Verigin, for getting me started with this process.)

Here’s my process…

I spend December reviewing my year (and that year’s WORD). How did the WORD show up during the year? And it’s not just the WORD, but also the opposite of the WORD…the full spectrum of the intention that I look at. It is always a surprise to see the different ways my WORD has manifested itself.

Also in December, I start generating a list of potential WORDS for the upcoming year. I think about what the upcoming year might bring, and what intentions I might have. The WORD is a positive intention (for example, if I was concerned about Debt, I would consider WORDS like Abundance, Success, Asset). Then comes the fun part! I research the WORDS starting with the definition. I also look at the origin (etymology) of the WORD and then synonyms and antonyms.

Once I have settled on a WORD, I am ready for Kathryn King’s SoulCollage class on January 1st. I love getting a visual of the intention that SoulCollage provides. Definitions, meanings, and then images all create a more cohesive picture of what the WORD really is, and how it might appear in the upcoming year.

My previous Blog post has a list of 180 words and their synonyms to jumpstart a list of possible WORDS. And here are the two websites I regularly use for more digging!




Candidates for “Word for the Year”


1898, Copyright by BY SAMUEL FALLOWS

Words and Some Synonyms!

Able, Strong, powerful, clever, skillful, talented, capable.
Abundance, Plenty, copiousness, sufficiency, plentitude.
Accept, Welcome, admit, recognize, acknowledge.
Accomplish, Execute, perfect, perform, fulfill, do.
Active, Nimble, agile, lively, brisk, busy.
Adapt, Fit, accommodate, adjust, conform, attune.
Admire, Wonder, gaze, approve, appreciate.
Adventurous, Bold, brave, daring, enterprising.
Alive, Quick, living, breathing, vivacious.
Allow, Concede, allot, tolerate, authorize, yield.
Amazement, Astonishment, awe, wonder, surprise.
Art, Aptitude, readiness, adroitness, skill, calling.
Aspiration, Longing, desire, aim, wish, ambition.
Astute, Crafty, shrewd, knowing, sharp, keen.
Attention, Observation, notice, watchfulness, study.
Attract, Influence, incline, tempt, entice.
Audacity, Boldness, rashness, recklessness.
Authentic, Genuine, real, original, true.
Author, Creator, producer, inventor, originator.
Balance, Weigh, poise, neutralize, equalize, adjust.
Beauty, Loveliness, grace, adornment, embellishment.
Belief, Faith, trust, conviction, creed.
Belonging, Related, connected.
Bless, Felicitate, endow, enrich, thank.
Bliss, Blessedness, joy, ecstasy, rapture.
Bloom, Blossom, bud, flower, beauty.
Bold, Courageous, fearless, adventurous, intrepid.
Calm, Smooth, pacify, compose, still.
Challenge, Defy, summon, dare, investigate,
Champion, Hero, warrior, defender, protector.
Cheerful, Lively, bright, happy, joyful.
Cherish, Foster, nurse, promote, nurture.
Collect, Collate, gather, congregate, assemble.
Commit, Perpetrate, execute, do, allocate.
Communicate, Reveal, disclose, divulge, impart.
Community, Association, society, brother/sisterhood.
Compassion, Pity, sympathy, tenderness, commiseration.
Confident, Positive, assured, sure, certain.
Connection, Union, association, affinity, kindred.
Courage, Bravery, boldness, valor, fortitude.
Create, Form, produce, make, compose.
Curiosity, Inquisitiveness, interest.
Dare, Venture, brave, risk, defy, challenge.
Decipher, interpret, solve, unravel, explain, unfold.
Deep, Profound, subterranean, mysterious.
Delight, Enjoyment, pleasure, happiness, joy.
Design, Contemplate, purpose, intend, plan.
Destiny, Fate, decree, lot, fortune, predestination.
Devotion, Piety, devoutness, dedication.
Discover, Find, invent, unearth, detect.
Dream, Trance, vision, fancy, reverie, hallucination.
Duty, Obligation, responsibility, allegiance, service.
Dwell, Stop, stay, rest, inhabit, abide.
Ease, Enjoyment, comfort, tranquility, contentment.
Embody, Express, incorporate, integrate.
Embrace, Clasp, comprehend, hug, contain.
Empower, Enable, encourage, authorize.
Engage, Promise, undertake, adopt, involve.
Enlighten, Illumine, instruct, illuminate, inform, teach.
Enliven, Wake, quicken, invigorate, inspirit, animate.
Enough, Sufficient, ample, plenty, abundance.
Eternal, Infinite, endless, everlasting, perpetual.
Excavate, Dig, hollow, trench, discover.
Fair, Open, clear, spotless, reasonable, just.
Faithful, True, loyal, consistent.
Fierce, Wild, savage, fiery.
Flexible, Pliant, lithe, supple, yielding.
Flourish, Prosper, thrive, brandish, wave.
Flow, Stream, issue, progress, glide.
Flowing, Copious, abundant, exuberant, easy.
Focus, Center, stand-point, convergence, nucleus.
Fortitude, Courage, endurance, braveness.
Free, Detached, permitted, clear.
Gallant, Brave, chivalrous, intrepid, courteous.
Genuine, Authentic, true, real, pure, natural.
Grace, Favor, beauty, kindness, mercy.
Gracious, Affable, courteous, civil, gentle.
Gratitude, Thankfulness, gratefulness.
Grounded, Rooted, established, prepared.
Grow, Increase, expand, enlarge, become.
Guardian, Keeper, protector, warder.
Guide, Lead, direct, conduct,influence.
Hallow, Consecrate, venerate, reverence, dedicate.
Happy, Delighted, joyous, merry, blissful.
Hardy, Inured, robust, strong, vigorous.
Haven, rest, refuge, shelter, home, port.
Healthy, Vigorous, sound, robust, wholesome.
Holy, Sacred, consecrated, saintly, devout.
Honesty, Integrity, fairness, sincerity, honor.
Honor, Respect, reverence, dignity, esteem.
Hope, Anticipation, longing, desire, expectation.
Imagine, Conceive, understand, fancy.
Indulge, Pamper, cherish, bask.
Inspire, Animate, inspirit, inflame, encourage.
Integrate, Complete, consolidate, incorporate, unite.
Integrity, Uprightness, honor, honesty, candor.
Instinctive, Natural, spontaneous, intuitive, impulsive.
Journey, Travel, excursion, tour, voyage, trip.
Joy, Gladness, delight, happiness, merriment.
Just, Exact, true, fair, equitable.
Kind, Benevolent, tender, gentle.
Knowing, Shrewd, discerning, sharp, acute.
Leader, Chief, director, guide, pioneer, head.
Learn, Acquire, attain, glean, understand.
Light, Radiance, gleam, bright, brilliance.
Look, See, behold, contemplate, observe.
Love, Affection, attachment, passion, devotion.
Loyal, Faithful, allegiant, true, constant.
Lucky, Fortunate, auspicious, favorable.
Magic, Enchantment, sorcery.
Manifest, Visible, conspicuous, clear.
Memory, Remembrance, reminiscence, recollection.
Mercy, Compassion, clemency, forgiveness.
Mindful, Regardful, attentive, thoughtful, careful.
Minister, n. Servant, delegate, ambassador, priest.
Minister, v. Attend, subserve, supply.
Movement, Motion, move, change of place.
Muse, Reflect, ponder, dream, think, meditate.
Mystery, Enigma, puzzle, secrecy, veil.
Nature, Essence, creation, constitution.
Nourish, Nurture, fed, cherish, support.
Observe, Remark, mark, watch, perceive.
Omen, Augury, sign, portent.
Open, Accessible, free, available.
Organize, Shape, adjust, arrange.
Origin, Source, spring, beginning.
Paradox, Contradiction, enigma, mystery, ambiguity.
Passion, Emotion, desire, warmth, feeling.
Patience, Endurance, perseverance.
Peace, Quiet, tranquility, calm, harmony.
Perceive, Discern, observe, see.
Persevere, Persist, insist, steadfast.
Play, Sport, pastime, amusement, frolic.
Pleasure, Enjoyment, sensuality, indulgent.
Possible, Feasible, likely, potential.
Power, Capability, strength, force, dominion.
Practice, Usage, habit, action.
Pray, Beg, beseech, entreat, supplicate.
Presence, Nearness, influence, closeness.
Prosperity, Success, good fortune, well-being.
Protection, Shelter, defense, security, refuge.
Purpose, Intention, design, mind, meaning.
Radiance, Brightness, splendor, brilliance.
Reach, Extend, stretch, obtain, attain.
Receive, Take, accept, admit, hold.
Reclaim, Recover, regain, rescue, restore.
Rejoice, Delight, glory, joy, revel.
Renew, Renew, refresh, rejuvenate.
Respect, Notice, regard, honor, venerate, esteem.
Reveal, Unveil, disclose, show, expose.
Reverence, Honor, awe, adoration, devotion.
Sacred, Holy, divine, hallowed, consecrated.
Sanctuary, Shrine, refuge, security, protection.
See, Perceive, look, view.
Seek, Search, inquire, pursue, investigate.
Serve, Obey, minister, help, tend.
Shelter, Shield, conceal, cover, protect.
Shine, Beam, brighten, glow, sparkle, excel.
Soar, Rise, mount, aspire, ascend, uprise.
Solitude, Seclusion, retirement, wilderness, privacy.
Source, Rise, origin, spring, fountain, beginning.
Spirit, Life, soul, essence.
Steadfast, Firm, rooted, grounded, resolute.
Strength, Force, vigor, power, intensity.
Success, Achievement, luck, prosperity, victory.
Support, Bear, uphold, sustain, nurture.
Teach, Impart, tell, instruct, train.
Thrive, Prosper, flourish, grow, succeed.
Travel, Journey, wander, pilgrimage, voyage.
Trust, Faith, confidence, reliance, belief.
Truth, Veracity, fidelity, faithfulness, accuracy.
Unique, Sole, matchless, singular, uncommon.
Unity, Oneness, conjunction, agreement.
Value, Appreciate, esteem, treasure, appraise.
Visionary, Fanciful, dreamy, imaginary.
Welcome, Grateful, pleasant, agreeable.
Whimsical, Capricious, fanciful, fantastic, quaint.
Whole, Total, entire, complete, perfect.
Wisdom, Knowledge, learning, enlightenment.
Wonder, Amazement, astonishment, admiration, miracle.