September Challenge

I love the fall. I can’t wait for the leaves to change color and the weather to cool. And I find myself motivated to start (and sometimes finish) new projects. So it’s September 1 and I feel motivated! One of the things that has been piling up is this stack of magazines. stack of magazines2

Sigh…I love magazines, and I love to find cool magazines with interesting topics and images. But for some reason I let them pile up and I don’t read them. Not sure what that’s about, but it’s time to do something about it.

My challenge to myself is to go through this entire stack of magazines, read them and then clip all of the articles and images I want to keep. As you can see, I have my work cut out for me!

stack of magazines1
Some of my favorite magazines…Happinez, Flow, Uppercase and Cabana!

Spring Equinox, Soul Collage and Greeting Cards!

My friend, Kathryn King, is hosting a FREE Spring Equinox event this Saturday evening in Vancouver. I will be there selling my greeting cards! (Here are some of the ones available…)


Here are the details…

March 21, 2015 A Free Community Event with East Wind Ceremonies & Friends to celebrate the Spring Equinox. Are you ready to embrace Spring and all the possibilities it offers us? Kathryn will be releasing her new CD Raven’s Light and we will have a number of other local musicians to share their music. There will be tables with local art for sale, a place to make SoulCollage® cards, as well as poetry books and readings. A special guest will be available to apply “fairy hair” for anyone who is interested (minimal cost).

6-8pm: Fairy Hair, SoulCollage®, Art for sale, local music.
7-8pm: A celebration/ceremony to welcome Spring
8-9pm: SoulCollage®, Art for sale, local music.

Location: Vancouver Unitarian Universalist Church located at 4505 E. 18th Street. (Sanctuary)

My Word for the Year: DANCE

I spent the month of December mulling over my past WORDS for the Year and generating a list of possible WORDS for 2015. I had lots of words that were weighty and important…things I should work on this year. Words like “trust,” “forgive” and “worth.” This is when I realized that I was trying too hard. I know…me, pushing things! Who could have guessed?!

So, I let go of my list and started looking at words that were juicy and playful. That’s when DANCE came to me. I love to dance…it’s the only form of exercise that I actually love. And I haven’t done much dancing in years. This is not necessarily the dancing done in front of other people. It’s more about letting music move me. I have created a playlist of dance music that I am going to keep on my phone so I will have music to move (and groove) to no matter where I am at.

And here is my SoulCollage Card for DANCE


Etymology of Dance:
From Middle English daunsen, from Anglo-Norman dancer, dauncer (“to dance”) (compare Old French dancier), from Frankish *dansōn (“to draw, pull, stretch out, gesture”) (compare Old High German dansōn (“to draw, pull”)), from Proto-Germanic *þansōną, from *þinsaną (“to draw, pull”).