Tending the Flame – 2002-2003

I have a thing (apparently) for writing newsletters. In the summer of 2002, I caught the bug again and began planning a new newsletter. This time, I wasn’t alone. In April of 2002 I went on a spiritual tour of Ireland, led by friend, Kathleen Verigin. On this tour was Tayna Wylder, Rhiannon Griffiths and Amber Rose Dullea. The trip to Ireland really inspired me and I called together these women, plus Jewelie Randall, to discuss writing a newsletter.

This is the result of our collaboration. I so loved this group of women, and as always, writing really helped to clarify my mind and provide an outlet for my thoughts and ideas.

You know what I am up to now, but here is what everyone else is up to!

Kathleen Verigin http://www.anamcaraconnections.com

Tayna Wylder http://starconserve.com/

Rhiannon Griffiths https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kindred-Spirit-Ceremonials/323615357665924

Amber Rose Dullea http://www.thrivingwithpain.com/

Jewelie Randall http://florapdx.com/


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