Clan Mothers Gather!

If you live in the Portland area, I have a great opportunity to tell you about. My dear friend, Kathleen Verigin, and I held a women’s retreat last year over the Halloween weekend. It was such a success that we are holding it again this year!

2nd Annual Gathering of Clan Mothers

“Coming Home to Yourself”
Halloween Weekend 2009

Rev. Kathleen McKern Verigin, Ceremonialist
Deandra Ellerbe, Priestess of Details

Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2009
Menucha Retreat & Conference Center
Corbett, Oregon

Investment: $220
*** Deposit due July 31st ***
Investment after July 31: $245

A Clan Mother is a woman who knows the source of her power, and uses it wisely for the highest good of her tribe. A Clan Mother is a woman who knows how to stand alone, and embraces stillness, silence and solitude without fear or trepidation. A Clan Mother is not of any particular race, religion, age or culture. A Clan Mother is a woman who leads from a place of union between the heart & the mind, remembering that we are All One.

Samhain (pronounced SAH-wane)is considered the “death of the harvest,” a time to honor the ancestors, and celebrated today as Halloween and Day of the Dead,followed by All Saints Day and All Souls Day. In the old Celtic calendar, it is the beginning of the New Year. For Clan Mothers,Samhain launches a walk of courage into the darkest six weeks of the year, leading to Winter Solstice. Ceremonially it is a time to reflect on what must die within our own inner landscape, in order for the new light that is coming to reveal our next steps.

When the Divine Feminine was worshiped and freely expressed, people of the earth lived in harmony—with each other, with nature, and with the Divine. Today when women gather in ceremony our collective energies activate the feminine archetypes that have long been dormant—Divine Feminine, Clan Mother, Goddess, Maiden, Mother, Crone. The Feminine must co-create and give birth—over and over and over again.

This Samhain, Clan Mothers are invited to gather, connect and remember!!! Through ritual & ceremony, music & meditation, drumming &dancing, prayer & contemplation, we will together “lift the veils”and connect with the ancestors. The time is now, and we are the ones!!!

Arrival: Friday, Oct. 30, 4-6pm registration, followed by orientation and dinner, and evening gathering.

Departure: Sunday, Nov. 1, 12noon, following breakfast and closing ceremony.

Special Note: Full Moon on Monday, Nov. 2nd

Menucha Retreat & Conference Center
38711 Historic Columbia River Highway
Corbett, Oregon 97019

Investment: $220 (per woman, triple occupancy)
Deposit of $100 due by July 31st ($50 refundable before October 16th)
$245 after July 31st

* Full use of Creevey Commons (secluded location for our group)
* Shared private rooms with 3 beds, each room with full bath (four rooms are wheel chair accessible)
* All meals (Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast) shared family-style
* Special food needs accomodated
* Snacks & Beverages
* Rituals, ceremonies, labyrinth walk, performances, and other activities
* A table will be available to display your promotional materials

Gather, Connect & Remember!

Only 33 spaces available—claim your space now!!
Enroll a friend, or two friends, or even three!!!

Checks made payable to: Kathleen Verigin
Registration mailed to: Kathleen Verigin
3102 SW Dolph Court
Portland, OR 97219

For More Information: Deandra Ellerbe, Priestess of Details
503-704-6715 (Portland, Oregon)

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Art Bras Come to Portland

I firmly believe that you can make art out of anything. The homemade paper mache fiasco of ’02 not withstanding,  I have learned to appreciate the messiness and chaos of experimentation. No surprises, this is where my love of collage comes from. I work with handpainted tissue papers, layering them, then using paint and stamps…I never know what I’m going to end up with…and that’s a big part of the thrill.

My newest art venture is the bra (yes, that’s right, I said BRA!) I am making for Portland’s first Bratiste’s Traveling BRA Show. The show is a fundraiser and outreach event for Pink Phoenix, a breast cancer survivor dragon boat team in Portland, Oregon. Art bras have become all the rage…there are a number of exhibits/shows around the country. I’m just happy that this type of event has come to Portland.

I am going to be creating a bustiere out of plaster. My daughter doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to be my model for the bustiere. I’m not going to give any more details,but I promise to post pictures of the finished piece.

Would YOU like to make an art bra and support breast cancer awareness? I have uploaded the guidelines to which is a free file storage site online…

And if you make an art bra…send me picture and I’ll post it!

Enjoying the View from the Willamette

This is my first blog about breast cancer and I find myself staring at the blank page with trepidation. What to write about? Sometimes it feels like all I do is talk about breast cancer… think about breast cancer. Though, truth be told, I think about it and talk about it less often than I did when I was diagnosed in January of 2007.

After a double mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and then hormone therapy…I’ve spent the past year trying to get my health back into shape. It was at the Komen Race for the Cure Expo that I discovered Pink Phoenix, the first American all breast cancer survivor dragonboating team. Not being much of an athlete, it was my oldest daughter that arm-twisted me into signing up.

Last year was my first season with the Pinks. We practice 10 months out of the year on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. The first few months were brutal as my out-of-shape body dealt with a lot of exercise. I gave myself until the end of race season to see whether I would stick with the team. Practices 3 times a week and weekend races took much of my time and energy.

By the end of the season last year, I realized that I actually liked paddling (yes, it took that long to like it!). The women are great, the paddling is hard, and the view from the river is absolutely spectacular. I get to see the city from a new perspective.

It’s now 2009…and we are back on the river. I’m not nearly as sore as I was when I first started (even with the 2 month break). I find myself actually happy, which is pretty unusual for me when talking about exercise.

I find myself looking forward to practice tomorrow, rain and all.