Encaustic Painting Class

I had the pleasure of taking an encaustic painting class this past month at the Multnomah Arts Center. I hadn’t ever done encaustic (wax) painting before, so I was very eager to see what it was all about. I enjoyed the class, though I discovered that encaustic is not really my medium. I love mixed media collage and I found that in the encaustic class, all of my work was looking a lot like my mixed media work! So I decided to try and maximize the wax part of the work to see what would happen.


So here are my 2 final pieces. I’m not as happy with the one on the left. I had lots of trouble with it. I tried to put a particular image transfer on it twice and finally had to melt it off and do something different. Now the work on the right I love. I have lots of layers buried under wax so it looked more milky. I thought this would highlight the fact I was using wax instead of matte medium (which is what I use with my regular collage work).

All in all, I’m very happy that I took the class and am now looking for a new class at Multnomah Arts Center to take!

September Challenge

I love the fall. I can’t wait for the leaves to change color and the weather to cool. And I find myself motivated to start (and sometimes finish) new projects. So it’s September 1 and I feel motivated! One of the things that has been piling up is this stack of magazines. 

Sigh…I love magazines, and I love to find cool magazines with interesting topics and images. But for some reason I let them pile up and I don’t read them. Not sure what that’s about, but it’s time to do something about it.

My challenge to myself is to go through this entire stack of magazines, read them and then clip all of the articles and images I want to keep. As you can see, I have my work cut out for me!

Check out our video!

Kathryn and I are excited about our upcoming class, “Owning Our Feminine Wisdom!” We are holding the class on Mother’s Day weekend…a perfect time to honor our female lineage.

Check out the video we made waxing poetic about the class! I hope you can feel how much we love this class!

There is still room to sign up!




Paper Dolls – Spring

I have been so inspired in my new studio! I have my books, my pens, my papers, my paint…it’s a bonanza of arty goodness! Pam and I have been discussing all the different art techniques and classes we want to offer. I can’t wait to share more with all of you once we start finalizing things.

One of the projects that I have been contemplating involves paper dolls. I don’t know exactly why, but I have always had a fascination with paper dolls. There is something about making mini people and dressing them. I have made dolls in the past, so obviously there is something appealing about personal arts and crafts.

A couple of days ago two thoughts came to mind, paper dolls and seasons. Could I make a seasonal paper doll that I would like? Here are my 2 experiments for Spring!




paper and glue

The first paper doll was made with paper, glue and ephemera. The second paper doll is digital. There are many resources online for paper dolls and I had quite the fun time online looking my choices.

Which do you like better? Any interest in making your own seasonal paper doll?

Playdate at the new office/studio

I have been moving my stuff into my new office/studio for the past week, but it hasn’t really felt like mine yet. And then Kathryn, Pam and I had an art playdate on Friday and got to baptism the space. It was so nice! We painted and collaged and stenciled…

Now it feels like my space!

Beginning of my art piece…
More layers…
Finished piece…


Sadness reflected…

I dreamed about my friend, Meg, last night. This is the second time in 10 days that I have dreamed about her. Meg passed away in 2012 from breast cancer, and she was my buddy on our breast cancer survivor dragonboat team. In both of the dreams, Meg looked good, and was still going to die from breast cancer. Both times I awoke feeling sad, missing her.

I know these dreams are echoing the anxiety I feel about the dragonboat team starting a new season. I love my teammates, and sometimes I am so sad about how many fabulous women we have lost.

Now to be truthful, it has been times like this that I would be heading for the chocolate (and all the other carbs that boost serotonin).

But I can’t do that now.

I have chosen to severely limit sugar, gluten and dairy. Coping through carbs is not a really great long-term strategy, so I have to find another way. Since I am working Life Book 2015, I decided to see if I can work my grief through art.

So here are two pieces (thank you, Joanna Sharpe, for the techniques) I worked on today. Version one is using watercolors, and verson two is digitally colored.


Life Book 2015…new adventures in art

I am now at Week 7 and I am totally surprised about which buttons of mine are being pushed! I’m totally loving it! I’m discovering new art products and am feeling very inspired.

Week 5’s offering is the feather. It’s collage, watercolor pens, and Posca paint pens. I am totally digging the Posca pens. Notice the white paint in the image? That’s a Posca white pen! The first attempt at the feather resulted in it looking more like a tree. I like this attempt better.

Week 6’s lesson was Seeds of Love. I loved this lesson. As a matter of fact I am currently working on more pieces using these techniques. There are lots of layers of watercolor crayon, Posca pens and acrylic paint. There is also a lot of “smushing” (blending and adding and blending and adding, etc.) involved which is really fun and involving.


Life Book 2015…Week 3

I love words…reading them, writing them, studying them. And to turn words into art? Love it!

Week 3’s lesson was taught by Joanna Sharpe and focused on using words in our artwork. I have been trying for years to get a handle on making cool word art, and I was always just a little off. Of course, I would make something, it would look amateurish and I would stop in disappointment. The truth is that I didn’t practice enough to improve. Isn’t that just the lesson?!

So, as recommended by Joanna Sharpe, I have an ongoing journal to practice my lettering. I’m still critical, but even I can see improvement the more I practice.

Our project for Week 3 was to create an image and quote using watercolor and pens. It took several attempts but here is the final project. Notice, I used my Word For The Year in my quote!

Life Book 2015…Week 1

life book banner

A few months ago I stumbled across this online class called Life Book 2015. (http://www.willowing.org/life-book-2015/)  As I read through the website I got more and more inspired. This was just what I was looking for! A mixed media online class with videos and projects that will take me through the year. I tend to start strong and then lose interest/get distracted before the finish line. I don’t know what will happen this year, but I am hoping that the structure that Tamara LaPorte (creatrix of Life Book 2015) will see me through to the end.

For Week 1 we created our “Beacon of Light.” My rendition is not that similar to the one demonstrated, and I had some qualms about it. Was it okay not to copy the original? How do I not compare what I did to what others produced? This is, of course, the lesson of this year. How to learn and adapt and be willing to stand by my creations. They don’t need to look like everyone else’s paintings. They don’t have to be technically “good.” The question I need to focus on is “Am I enjoying the process of learning and doing?”

And so far, the answer is YES!