Candidates for “Word for the Year”


1898, Copyright by BY SAMUEL FALLOWS

Words and Some Synonyms!

Able, Strong, powerful, clever, skillful, talented, capable.
Abundance, Plenty, copiousness, sufficiency, plentitude.
Accept, Welcome, admit, recognize, acknowledge.
Accomplish, Execute, perfect, perform, fulfill, do.
Active, Nimble, agile, lively, brisk, busy.
Adapt, Fit, accommodate, adjust, conform, attune.
Admire, Wonder, gaze, approve, appreciate.
Adventurous, Bold, brave, daring, enterprising.
Alive, Quick, living, breathing, vivacious.
Allow, Concede, allot, tolerate, authorize, yield.
Amazement, Astonishment, awe, wonder, surprise.
Art, Aptitude, readiness, adroitness, skill, calling.
Aspiration, Longing, desire, aim, wish, ambition.
Astute, Crafty, shrewd, knowing, sharp, keen.
Attention, Observation, notice, watchfulness, study.
Attract, Influence, incline, tempt, entice.
Audacity, Boldness, rashness, recklessness.
Authentic, Genuine, real, original, true.
Author, Creator, producer, inventor, originator.
Balance, Weigh, poise, neutralize, equalize, adjust.
Beauty, Loveliness, grace, adornment, embellishment.
Belief, Faith, trust, conviction, creed.
Belonging, Related, connected.
Bless, Felicitate, endow, enrich, thank.
Bliss, Blessedness, joy, ecstasy, rapture.
Bloom, Blossom, bud, flower, beauty.
Bold, Courageous, fearless, adventurous, intrepid.
Calm, Smooth, pacify, compose, still.
Challenge, Defy, summon, dare, investigate,
Champion, Hero, warrior, defender, protector.
Cheerful, Lively, bright, happy, joyful.
Cherish, Foster, nurse, promote, nurture.
Collect, Collate, gather, congregate, assemble.
Commit, Perpetrate, execute, do, allocate.
Communicate, Reveal, disclose, divulge, impart.
Community, Association, society, brother/sisterhood.
Compassion, Pity, sympathy, tenderness, commiseration.
Confident, Positive, assured, sure, certain.
Connection, Union, association, affinity, kindred.
Courage, Bravery, boldness, valor, fortitude.
Create, Form, produce, make, compose.
Curiosity, Inquisitiveness, interest.
Dare, Venture, brave, risk, defy, challenge.
Decipher, interpret, solve, unravel, explain, unfold.
Deep, Profound, subterranean, mysterious.
Delight, Enjoyment, pleasure, happiness, joy.
Design, Contemplate, purpose, intend, plan.
Destiny, Fate, decree, lot, fortune, predestination.
Devotion, Piety, devoutness, dedication.
Discover, Find, invent, unearth, detect.
Dream, Trance, vision, fancy, reverie, hallucination.
Duty, Obligation, responsibility, allegiance, service.
Dwell, Stop, stay, rest, inhabit, abide.
Ease, Enjoyment, comfort, tranquility, contentment.
Embody, Express, incorporate, integrate.
Embrace, Clasp, comprehend, hug, contain.
Empower, Enable, encourage, authorize.
Engage, Promise, undertake, adopt, involve.
Enlighten, Illumine, instruct, illuminate, inform, teach.
Enliven, Wake, quicken, invigorate, inspirit, animate.
Enough, Sufficient, ample, plenty, abundance.
Eternal, Infinite, endless, everlasting, perpetual.
Excavate, Dig, hollow, trench, discover.
Fair, Open, clear, spotless, reasonable, just.
Faithful, True, loyal, consistent.
Fierce, Wild, savage, fiery.
Flexible, Pliant, lithe, supple, yielding.
Flourish, Prosper, thrive, brandish, wave.
Flow, Stream, issue, progress, glide.
Flowing, Copious, abundant, exuberant, easy.
Focus, Center, stand-point, convergence, nucleus.
Fortitude, Courage, endurance, braveness.
Free, Detached, permitted, clear.
Gallant, Brave, chivalrous, intrepid, courteous.
Genuine, Authentic, true, real, pure, natural.
Grace, Favor, beauty, kindness, mercy.
Gracious, Affable, courteous, civil, gentle.
Gratitude, Thankfulness, gratefulness.
Grounded, Rooted, established, prepared.
Grow, Increase, expand, enlarge, become.
Guardian, Keeper, protector, warder.
Guide, Lead, direct, conduct,influence.
Hallow, Consecrate, venerate, reverence, dedicate.
Happy, Delighted, joyous, merry, blissful.
Hardy, Inured, robust, strong, vigorous.
Haven, rest, refuge, shelter, home, port.
Healthy, Vigorous, sound, robust, wholesome.
Holy, Sacred, consecrated, saintly, devout.
Honesty, Integrity, fairness, sincerity, honor.
Honor, Respect, reverence, dignity, esteem.
Hope, Anticipation, longing, desire, expectation.
Imagine, Conceive, understand, fancy.
Indulge, Pamper, cherish, bask.
Inspire, Animate, inspirit, inflame, encourage.
Integrate, Complete, consolidate, incorporate, unite.
Integrity, Uprightness, honor, honesty, candor.
Instinctive, Natural, spontaneous, intuitive, impulsive.
Journey, Travel, excursion, tour, voyage, trip.
Joy, Gladness, delight, happiness, merriment.
Just, Exact, true, fair, equitable.
Kind, Benevolent, tender, gentle.
Knowing, Shrewd, discerning, sharp, acute.
Leader, Chief, director, guide, pioneer, head.
Learn, Acquire, attain, glean, understand.
Light, Radiance, gleam, bright, brilliance.
Look, See, behold, contemplate, observe.
Love, Affection, attachment, passion, devotion.
Loyal, Faithful, allegiant, true, constant.
Lucky, Fortunate, auspicious, favorable.
Magic, Enchantment, sorcery.
Manifest, Visible, conspicuous, clear.
Memory, Remembrance, reminiscence, recollection.
Mercy, Compassion, clemency, forgiveness.
Mindful, Regardful, attentive, thoughtful, careful.
Minister, n. Servant, delegate, ambassador, priest.
Minister, v. Attend, subserve, supply.
Movement, Motion, move, change of place.
Muse, Reflect, ponder, dream, think, meditate.
Mystery, Enigma, puzzle, secrecy, veil.
Nature, Essence, creation, constitution.
Nourish, Nurture, fed, cherish, support.
Observe, Remark, mark, watch, perceive.
Omen, Augury, sign, portent.
Open, Accessible, free, available.
Organize, Shape, adjust, arrange.
Origin, Source, spring, beginning.
Paradox, Contradiction, enigma, mystery, ambiguity.
Passion, Emotion, desire, warmth, feeling.
Patience, Endurance, perseverance.
Peace, Quiet, tranquility, calm, harmony.
Perceive, Discern, observe, see.
Persevere, Persist, insist, steadfast.
Play, Sport, pastime, amusement, frolic.
Pleasure, Enjoyment, sensuality, indulgent.
Possible, Feasible, likely, potential.
Power, Capability, strength, force, dominion.
Practice, Usage, habit, action.
Pray, Beg, beseech, entreat, supplicate.
Presence, Nearness, influence, closeness.
Prosperity, Success, good fortune, well-being.
Protection, Shelter, defense, security, refuge.
Purpose, Intention, design, mind, meaning.
Radiance, Brightness, splendor, brilliance.
Reach, Extend, stretch, obtain, attain.
Receive, Take, accept, admit, hold.
Reclaim, Recover, regain, rescue, restore.
Rejoice, Delight, glory, joy, revel.
Renew, Renew, refresh, rejuvenate.
Respect, Notice, regard, honor, venerate, esteem.
Reveal, Unveil, disclose, show, expose.
Reverence, Honor, awe, adoration, devotion.
Sacred, Holy, divine, hallowed, consecrated.
Sanctuary, Shrine, refuge, security, protection.
See, Perceive, look, view.
Seek, Search, inquire, pursue, investigate.
Serve, Obey, minister, help, tend.
Shelter, Shield, conceal, cover, protect.
Shine, Beam, brighten, glow, sparkle, excel.
Soar, Rise, mount, aspire, ascend, uprise.
Solitude, Seclusion, retirement, wilderness, privacy.
Source, Rise, origin, spring, fountain, beginning.
Spirit, Life, soul, essence.
Steadfast, Firm, rooted, grounded, resolute.
Strength, Force, vigor, power, intensity.
Success, Achievement, luck, prosperity, victory.
Support, Bear, uphold, sustain, nurture.
Teach, Impart, tell, instruct, train.
Thrive, Prosper, flourish, grow, succeed.
Travel, Journey, wander, pilgrimage, voyage.
Trust, Faith, confidence, reliance, belief.
Truth, Veracity, fidelity, faithfulness, accuracy.
Unique, Sole, matchless, singular, uncommon.
Unity, Oneness, conjunction, agreement.
Value, Appreciate, esteem, treasure, appraise.
Visionary, Fanciful, dreamy, imaginary.
Welcome, Grateful, pleasant, agreeable.
Whimsical, Capricious, fanciful, fantastic, quaint.
Whole, Total, entire, complete, perfect.
Wisdom, Knowledge, learning, enlightenment.
Wonder, Amazement, astonishment, admiration, miracle.

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