My office/studio!

More pictures of my new office/studio! I haven’t decided exactly what to call it. Office sounds so official and business-like, and studio sounds like I consider myself an artist. After all, artists have studios. And calling myself an artist makes me nervous. Because if I call myself an artist, doesn’t that mean I think I’m good at it?

Yes, even deciding on a word can send me down the rabbit hole!

One of the definitions of “artist” is a person who practices any of the various creative arts. I guess that makes me an artist!

Which means I have a studio!



Welcome to Scarlet Pastiche!

Pastiche is a medley of different styles, which makes it my new favorite word! This blog  represents the different ideas, styles and projects that I have explored throughout my life. It’s a chance to share my work and my inspirations that feed both my life and my business, Demicaro Designs.

I am (or have been) an artist, writer, tarot reader, astrologer, minister, teacher, graphic designer, researcher, secret society creator, smurf collector, dragon boater, breast cancer survivor, crafter, hotline volunteer, board member, book lover, pop culture trivia queen, mother, and wife.

And why Scarlet? Because I like the color red!