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Kathryn and I are excited about our upcoming class, “Owning Our Feminine Wisdom!” We are holding the class on Mother’s Day weekend…a perfect time to honor our female lineage.

Check out the video we made waxing poetic about the class! I hope you can feel how much we love this class!

There is still room to sign up!




New Class!

Kathryn King and I are holding another class in May! It’s going to be awesome!

wisdom art kathryn

“Owning our Feminine Wisdom”




May 7, 2016 from 10-5pm
316 E Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA

We will be working with decorative and hand-made papers on a 10″ by 10″ wood panel to create an abstract portrait of the timeless wisdom within each of us.

Using meditation, music, writing, art and ritual we will gather and reflect upon that which we have received from the divine feminine.

No art experience is needed, just a heart that is open to hearing your own inner guidance. Please bring a sack lunch and tea will be provided.

wisdom art deandra

Early bird (before Earth Day 4/22/16) is $99 which includes all supplies.

After Earth Day (if there is still space) the cost will be $120.00.
Registration is open for this class for adult women. Please note that class size is limited.


Playing with Alcohol Ink

There is just something magical about playing with alcohol ink. The way the colors slide into each other, forming new colors and creating abstract shapes. I find myself mesmerized by the process. I wish I could adequately convey just how much I love this medium!

In preparation for my upcoming class, Exploring Alcohol Ink ( I decided to document my most recent experiment. Here’s how it went…I started with drops of color.x

alcohol ink-002

alcohol ink-006

I then used the palette knife to swirl colors together.

alcohol ink-008

I used the tip of the palette knife to make lines.

alcohol ink-011

I added more color and used a Q-tip to make a flower. I’m not loving the flower on the left so I add some blending solution to it to make it go dreamy.

alcohol ink-015

I dislike enough that I cover over the left flower and go in a different direction.

alcohol ink-018

Now to add some yellow and pink. Hmmm…definitely broke up the blue tones I had so much of.

alcohol ink-021

I add more colors, tilting the paper to make them run. I’m looking for some lines/colors to catch my interest.

alcohol ink-025

alcohol ink-027

I’ve drawn more lines. And the ink starts to impinge on the right flower. It might need to go.

alcohol ink-031

Now with the flowers gone, I am going in a new direction. It needs red.

alcohol ink-034

I add Pearl to the upper left purple to see what happens.

alcohol ink-036

I decide to use a stamp and the Snow Cap ink to add a little design. And this is the finished piece! I tried to make flowers, but in the end, I just love abstract. I went where the colors wanted to go. I’m pretty happy with it!

alcohol ink-039

Art as Metaphor for Life Class

My studio mate, Kathryn King, and myself are holding a very cool and process oriented class in October called Art as Metaphor for Life. Here are the details!

October 3, 2015 10-5pm

Art as Metaphor for Life! (with Deandra Ellerbe and Kathryn King)

Exciting new class that will be a hands on exploration of painting and writing as we see how the process of art mirrors the way we live our lives. Each woman will take home a painting. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

Location: McMaster House (316 E Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98663)

Cost: $99
Class size limited to 8. (Early registration suggested)
Please bring your own lunch. Tea provided
Wear comfortable clothes that might get paint on.


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OMG! I have an office/studio!

Well, things have changed since my last post. I now have an office/studio! And I wasn’t even looking for one!

The past few years I have been withdrawing from the world. I have stepped back from groups and activities and pretty much hibernated at home. I could tell a big change was coming, as the old fell away, and I waited for the new to show itself. Turning 50 and my children leaving home finally pushed me into asking the big question “what do I do with my life now?”

I started Life Book 2015 in January, connecting back with my art. To be able to create and play has been so much fun! And hard work! I think the Life Book work has finally prepared me for new opportunities…and one of those opportunities is a new office!

The fabulous Kathryn King was looking to expand her office, and the suite of offices next to her were available. Kathryn asked Pam Dusenberry (a fellow Life Booker!) and me if we had ever thought about having studio space. We both said yes, and then started talking about how fun it would be to have workshops, and open art times and sharing our love of art with other people.

Next thing I know, I have an office/studio! In Vancouver! I know, right? Me, working in Vancouver (I live in Portland). Pam and I share an office, Kathryn has an office where she sees her clients, and then there is a bigger room where we will have classes and workshops. I don’t know what I will be doing specifically, though stay tuned, because I will be posting it here once I know.

Here are my thoughts right now…art workshops, studio time, reading tarot, teaching tarot classes, graphic design, Photoshop Tutorials, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

Clan Mothers Gather!

If you live in the Portland area, I have a great opportunity to tell you about. My dear friend, Kathleen Verigin, and I held a women’s retreat last year over the Halloween weekend. It was such a success that we are holding it again this year!

2nd Annual Gathering of Clan Mothers

“Coming Home to Yourself”
Halloween Weekend 2009

Rev. Kathleen McKern Verigin, Ceremonialist
Deandra Ellerbe, Priestess of Details

Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2009
Menucha Retreat & Conference Center
Corbett, Oregon

Investment: $220
*** Deposit due July 31st ***
Investment after July 31: $245

A Clan Mother is a woman who knows the source of her power, and uses it wisely for the highest good of her tribe. A Clan Mother is a woman who knows how to stand alone, and embraces stillness, silence and solitude without fear or trepidation. A Clan Mother is not of any particular race, religion, age or culture. A Clan Mother is a woman who leads from a place of union between the heart & the mind, remembering that we are All One.

Samhain (pronounced SAH-wane)is considered the “death of the harvest,” a time to honor the ancestors, and celebrated today as Halloween and Day of the Dead,followed by All Saints Day and All Souls Day. In the old Celtic calendar, it is the beginning of the New Year. For Clan Mothers,Samhain launches a walk of courage into the darkest six weeks of the year, leading to Winter Solstice. Ceremonially it is a time to reflect on what must die within our own inner landscape, in order for the new light that is coming to reveal our next steps.

When the Divine Feminine was worshiped and freely expressed, people of the earth lived in harmony—with each other, with nature, and with the Divine. Today when women gather in ceremony our collective energies activate the feminine archetypes that have long been dormant—Divine Feminine, Clan Mother, Goddess, Maiden, Mother, Crone. The Feminine must co-create and give birth—over and over and over again.

This Samhain, Clan Mothers are invited to gather, connect and remember!!! Through ritual & ceremony, music & meditation, drumming &dancing, prayer & contemplation, we will together “lift the veils”and connect with the ancestors. The time is now, and we are the ones!!!

Arrival: Friday, Oct. 30, 4-6pm registration, followed by orientation and dinner, and evening gathering.

Departure: Sunday, Nov. 1, 12noon, following breakfast and closing ceremony.

Special Note: Full Moon on Monday, Nov. 2nd

Menucha Retreat & Conference Center
38711 Historic Columbia River Highway
Corbett, Oregon 97019

Investment: $220 (per woman, triple occupancy)
Deposit of $100 due by July 31st ($50 refundable before October 16th)
$245 after July 31st

* Full use of Creevey Commons (secluded location for our group)
* Shared private rooms with 3 beds, each room with full bath (four rooms are wheel chair accessible)
* All meals (Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast) shared family-style
* Special food needs accomodated
* Snacks & Beverages
* Rituals, ceremonies, labyrinth walk, performances, and other activities
* A table will be available to display your promotional materials

Gather, Connect & Remember!

Only 33 spaces available—claim your space now!!
Enroll a friend, or two friends, or even three!!!

Checks made payable to: Kathleen Verigin
Registration mailed to: Kathleen Verigin
3102 SW Dolph Court
Portland, OR 97219

For More Information: Deandra Ellerbe, Priestess of Details
503-704-6715 (Portland, Oregon)

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