Paper Dolls – Spring

I have been so inspired in my new studio! I have my books, my pens, my papers, my paint…it’s a bonanza of arty goodness! Pam and I have been discussing all the different art techniques and classes we want to offer. I can’t wait to share more with all of you once we start finalizing things.

One of the projects that I have been contemplating involves paper dolls. I don’t know exactly why, but I have always had a fascination with paper dolls. There is something about making mini people and dressing them. I have made dolls in the past, so obviously there is something appealing about personal arts and crafts.

A couple of days ago two thoughts came to mind, paper dolls and seasons. Could I make a seasonal paper doll that I would like? Here are my 2 experiments for Spring!




paper and glue

The first paper doll was made with paper, glue and ephemera. The second paper doll is digital. There are many resources online for paper dolls and I had quite the fun time online looking my choices.

Which do you like better? Any interest in making your own seasonal paper doll?

7 thoughts on “Paper Dolls – Spring”

    • Hi Britt! I’m thinking of having a class/playdate to make a summer doll. I would love to have you there! I will keep you posted. ☺️

    • I would be thrilled to make dolls with you, Lyonie! I will put together a class/playdate to make summer dolls. ☺️

  1. Great examples and wonderful ideas. My little girl heart would love to “play paper dolls.” I will share that my favorite Paper dolls were a gift from my grandpa…12″ high of the Flinchstons!! Yes, Fred and Wilma all …. I would love to learn the computer version but will have lots to learn about the programs.

    • There are so many types of paper dolls out there! And yes, my little girl heart was having a blast, cutting and gluing.

  2. Love the paper dolls! When I was a little girl every week I spent my allowance on paper dolls. Back then (I’m an old lady :)) you had to cut them out so my Mom would have to do it for me – she hated doing it be lovingly did it anyway and I would play for hours with them. Would love to make my own!

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