Finding Your Artistic Voice

In my quest to go through all of my magazines, I came across this article in Somerset Studio by Gina Armfield about finding your artistic voice. And it had a quiz! I love quizzes!

  1. What are your 3 favorite colors? (teal, hot pink, metallic bronze)
  2. What kind of architecture do you like? (gothic, victorian, modern sculptural)
  3. What are 3 words that describe your personality? (intense, curious, imaginative)
  4. What is your favorite animal? (tiger)
  5. What do you collect? (books, images, paper, ideas)
  6. What is your favorite season? (autumn)
  7. Name your favorite icons. (keys, eyes, spirals, flowers)

So now I get to figure out what this means for me!

Magazine Challenge – Treasure Found!

I’ve started my reading/culling/clipping/saving process on my magazine stack and uncovered a couple of winners! Of course, I love all of my magazines, but these two magazines I had not seen before. So I found myself new treasure!

CiQ5n_5XIAA-5WoThe first magazine is called Project Calm and it has lifestyle, yoga, creativity, mindfulness, etc. as its focus. The only bummer is that there is only one issue! I’m not sure they will publish another.

wk8-cover-300x385The second magazine is called Womankind and is a very cool feminist, psychology, creativity, world view kind of magazine. I spent a lot of time reading it and am now looking for back issues! Inside this issue of Womankind I discovered this Egyptian photographer named Lubna Abdelaziz. I am blown away by her images.

Lubna Abdelaziz photo

September Challenge

I love the fall. I can’t wait for the leaves to change color and the weather to cool. And I find myself motivated to start (and sometimes finish) new projects. So it’s September 1 and I feel motivated! One of the things that has been piling up is this stack of magazines. stack of magazines2

Sigh…I love magazines, and I love to find cool magazines with interesting topics and images. But for some reason I let them pile up and I don’t read them. Not sure what that’s about, but it’s time to do something about it.

My challenge to myself is to go through this entire stack of magazines, read them and then clip all of the articles and images I want to keep. As you can see, I have my work cut out for me!

stack of magazines1
Some of my favorite magazines…Happinez, Flow, Uppercase and Cabana!