Life Book 2015…Week 3

I love words…reading them, writing them, studying them. And to turn words into art? Love it!

Week 3’s lesson was taught by Joanna Sharpe and focused on using words in our artwork. I have been trying for years to get a handle on making cool word art, and I was always just a little off. Of course, I would make something, it would look amateurish and I would stop in disappointment. The truth is that I didn’t practice enough to improve. Isn’t that just the lesson?!

So, as recommended by Joanna Sharpe, I have an ongoing journal to practice my lettering. I’m still critical, but even I can see improvement the more I practice.

Our project for Week 3 was to create an image and quote using watercolor and pens. It took several attempts but here is the final project. Notice, I used my Word For The Year in my quote!


Life Book 2015…Week 1

life book banner

A few months ago I stumbled across this online class called Life Book 2015. (  As I read through the website I got more and more inspired. This was just what I was looking for! A mixed media online class with videos and projects that will take me through the year. I tend to start strong and then lose interest/get distracted before the finish line. I don’t know what will happen this year, but I am hoping that the structure that Tamara LaPorte (creatrix of Life Book 2015) will see me through to the end.

For Week 1 we created our “Beacon of Light.” My rendition is not that similar to the one demonstrated, and I had some qualms about it. Was it okay not to copy the original? How do I not compare what I did to what others produced? This is, of course, the lesson of this year. How to learn and adapt and be willing to stand by my creations. They don’t need to look like everyone else’s paintings. They don’t have to be technically “good.” The question I need to focus on is “Am I enjoying the process of learning and doing?”

And so far, the answer is YES!


My Word for the Year: DANCE

I spent the month of December mulling over my past WORDS for the Year and generating a list of possible WORDS for 2015. I had lots of words that were weighty and important…things I should work on this year. Words like “trust,” “forgive” and “worth.” This is when I realized that I was trying too hard. I know…me, pushing things! Who could have guessed?!

So, I let go of my list and started looking at words that were juicy and playful. That’s when DANCE came to me. I love to dance…it’s the only form of exercise that I actually love. And I haven’t done much dancing in years. This is not necessarily the dancing done in front of other people. It’s more about letting music move me. I have created a playlist of dance music that I am going to keep on my phone so I will have music to move (and groove) to no matter where I am at.

And here is my SoulCollage Card for DANCE


Etymology of Dance:
From Middle English daunsen, from Anglo-Norman dancer, dauncer (“to dance”) (compare Old French dancier), from Frankish *dansōn (“to draw, pull, stretch out, gesture”) (compare Old High German dansōn (“to draw, pull”)), from Proto-Germanic *þansōną, from *þinsaną (“to draw, pull”).